Baitdye minnow dip                    

Three colors, with powerful bait scent 


     Baitdye blood dip                          Baitdye blue fire dip


 Baitdye gold dip                     Minnow dip cup clipped to boat

Sorry the pictures are blurry but that's the best the photographer told me he could do with live flipping moving minnows.

If you fish with minnows, we guarantee that after a Baitdye dip they will out fish regular minnows. Baitdye colors the minnow and contains a powerful scent with adrenalin agitator that will make the minnow jump, dive and move more.  

The only defense a minnow has is blending in and hiding, now they cant do that.

So easy to use. Put the minnow on the hook and a five second dip in the dye is all that's needed to color the minnows and activate them. The bright colored minnows moving  around also leaving a powerful scent trail in the water that crappie and other pan fish cant resist. Baitdye minnow dip is made of all approved for human consumption ingredients. Baitdye minnow dip is safe for the environment.


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