Please  fill out this form then FAX it to: 313- 831-8307 or mail to: Baitstick   30274 Young St.    Rockwood Michigan 48173     telephone 734-6767772  Your order will arrive within 7 to 10 working days. Unless you specify other we ship US postal service

 Single tube is $7.50 plus $3.75 shipping & handling Total $11.25 

Single tube Large $13.00 plus $3.75 S & H Total $16.75                                                              

Two tubes  $15.00 plus $4.75 shipping & handling Total $19.75                                                                                      
 Three  pack sale $19.00 plus $4.75 S&H  includes 3 Baitstick tubes   Total $23.75                    
 Kryptonite 200 pack $8,50plus $3.00 S&H  Total $11.50                               This is enough to dye 200 night crawlers
Kryptonite 1600 pack $28.00 plus $4.80 S&H Total $32.80.                             This is enough to dye 1,600 night crawlers
Kryptonite 3200 pack $38.00 plus $6.80 S&H Total $44.80.                             This is enough to dye 3,200 night crawlers
Kryptonite 6400 pack $64.00 plus $9.20 S&H Total $73.20.                            This is enough to dye 6,400 night crawlers

All shipping cost are for US only. Outside the US email us for shipping cost  Orders are shipped   US post and arrive at your home within 10 working days. Any information you submit to us will not be used or sold to anyone and will always   be kept in strict confidence by us. We use "Merchant Card Services" credit card processing company, the same company your local restaurant or store is using to process  meal or any other purchases you make. Please print and fill out this form.

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